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  • Choosing Your Next Car

    Work Out Whats essential for your next car purchase

    If you’ve got a rough idea of the size and shape of car you’re after, think carefully about what you use it for. If all your Children have left home or you just want is a second car, this may be a sporty 2 seater or even convertible car. With this colour and specification could be decisive factors. If you have small children, a 4x4 or crossover SUV is a good bet, as the raised ride height makes getting kids and their seats into the car much easier. If you’re keen on DIY, carrying capacity may be important and generally leads to an estate car – but look out for cars that have easy-to-fold rear seats that lie flat when dropped.Specifications are key to all our car purchases as we think about who is going to buy the car. Most of us want the very best car money can buy loaded with optional factory extras, and thats how we think here at Master Car Sales Hitchin dealership. We search for individual cars offering the new buyer something special rather than just another car purchase.

    Master Car Sales

    Your Own Personal Car Shopping Assistant

    Here at Master Cars, we offer a dedicated shopping experience to help you choose your next car. If you see a car we have yet feel you need more information to help you make your decision, just ask. We gladly take walk round videos for new buyers, we can confirm exact specifications or dimensions and email them to you. We can even work out your own tailored finance quote and application prior to viewing the car. This means just one trip to our dealership so not to use up your precious time on multiple trips to finalise a deal. Let us do your homework for you and provide a customer service second to none. We can even offer national delivery of your new car.

    Master Car Sales

    Financing Your New Car Purchase

    With over 75% of new cars bought using some form of finance, and cash is not necessarily king anymore . We offer some very competitive finance rates cheaper than main dealers with greater flexibility. We welcome your old car and guarantee it will be your full deposit. Our rates are also cheaper than any car finance broker as we use finance to sell our cars, unlike car finance brokers whos only form of income comes from how much they charge you the customer .

    Master Car Sales