As all you fellow petrol heads know, here at Mastercars Hitchin we do like our Audi sport range of cars. The Audi R8 quite revolutionary in its looks and styling. Then you get the best experience ever by driving it. Early cars were fitted with the V8 4.2 engine to drive the famous Audi Quattro four wheel drive system.

Then Later on came the V10 5.2 which sounds absolutely awesome ! No car stereo required for this car especially if you purchased the spyder version

Now we have something to report that we never dreamed we would. The new Audi R8"RWS" which stands for " Rear Wheel Series " is the first mid engined supercar from Audi thats a rear wheel drive.We found a great review from Autocar on this and are delighted to share it with you.Read The Autocar Audi R8 Review

This is revolutionary news from Audi, years spent developing the famous "Quattro four wheel drive system" to ditch it completely for a new generation model. This is a very bold statement from Audi and we think its one that will provide to be a well recieved one. Audi have also claimed that this car will be restricted to just 999 cars built.

Our only real critiscm of the older models is in small confined areas the four wheel drive model would "crab" very slighly when trying to manouvre in tight parking situations. This is perfectly normal with a four wheel drive car as it constantly trying to push and pull the car at the same time.

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