Whats Your Favourite Car?

This is a question we get asked on a regular basis and we have passed this over to our most experienced member of our team to to answer.

Hi I"m Tim Smith, I am the manager and carry out the buying of the used cars we have for sale at Master Cars.(so not a bad job)

This is an almost impossible question to answer as there are so many factors to it. If I named my all time line up of favourite cars, you would need a budget a premier league football team would be proud of and a garage the size of Cardington hangers

I can only really speak from my own personal experience and the type of cars we sell. For those of you that follow us you will know our preference is the German manufacturers. So you will always see a great selection of Used Audi, Used BMW, Used Mercedes, Used Porsche and a few well chosen Range Rover cars. Sorry to all those I have missed off the list as there are some truly great cars, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mclaren,Noble,Jaguar and last but certainly not least the Japanese contingent, the list goes on and on. Like I said in my opening statement this is such a hard question to answer.

The Car I have Chosen is the Audi RS6 Avant 605 Performance as my favourite car !

Why I hear you say ?

Well I am 53 years old and my requirements and choice are based around my lifestyle. I have 2 dogs which we take away on holidays as my wife and I enjoy coastal walks in the Uk. We also have 2 children who are 23, and 20 years old and we still go out for family meals and get together"s so need the space. I also play cricket and golf so need the boot space. However being a petrol head what I dont want to give up is that sports car feeling. The car that can put a smile on your face in seconds and a car you will never get bored with. I truly believe this is one of the best all round cars ever made.Yes the Mercedes E63 AMG makes some serious noise but you have to concentrate fully every time you push the start button. The Audi lets you just be yourself and manages pretty much every situation with ease and sophistication. Its sure footed intelligent Quattro drive system deals with most circumstances you put it through. The power delivery smooth and precise upon demand. Driven sensibly it offers fuel economy that ensures you do not need shares in BP or Shell, yet this car will hold it own at the traffic light grand prix. Its also a good looking car and does not look like a boring estate car.

This car can driven as a daily driver with ease, yet offers outstanding performance when required. I have driven these cars on a 600 mile road trip before and got out refreshed at the end of the day. Yes naturally tired by the hours taken,but not fatigued by the driving as it was an absolute joy. This road trip endured miles of eating up motorway tarmac, with the statutory tailback and stop start driving. Through towns and congested road works, and some country lane detours when boredom set in.

So if your circumstance and motoring requirements match mine, give the Audi RS6 Avant some serious consideration

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