Used BMW 4 Series

Discover the range of BMW 4 series cars for sale at Master Cars In Hitchin Hertfordshire. Approved used BMW 4 series cars are more affordable than you think. As we are an RAC Approved used car dealer all our cars are RAC Inspected and "buysure" prepared to main dealer standards.

The BMW 4 series is available in a multitude of configurations and colour combinations. From the 3 door Coupe to the 4 door Gran Coupe and the superbly styled Convertible with 8 speed Automatic transmission or a 6 Speed manual gearbox as standard

Call our knowledgeable sales team on 01462 457645 to discuss your new BMW 4 Series requirements and take advantage of our experience to source and supply high specification quality used BMW cars. We also have "Alphera" Financial solutions {BMW} to offer low cost PCP and car finance options to make your new BMW even more affordable

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The sportiness and aesthetics of the BMW 4 Series are some of the major reasons behind its popularity. Especially in Convertible and Coupe models which really emphasise the BMW brand recognition. The ride quality of the 4 series is second to none and it offers superb handling and spirted drive in M-Sport versions. The BMW M-Sport trim range offers an M-Aerodynamic kit, Exclusive Colours unique to the M-Sport range, M-Sport seats, M-Sport steering wheel for a quick visual identity, and last but not least the all important M-Sport Wheels and Suspension to ensure the car handles the way it should when representing the BMW M-Sport range and brand. You also have the BMW xDrive {Four Wheel Drive System} available in the 4 series range of cars. This totally transforms the car especially in the more powerful engine versions as it allows smooth controlled delivery. It becomes even more valuable through the winter months as it offers four wheel drive though the wet slippery road conditions.

Some features such as Satellite navigation remain the same as the other BMW range of Cars, with Professional or Pro-Nav or Business Navigation options. The more desirable being the Professional Navigation & Media normally when chosen with the M-Sport Plus pack.

The BMW 4 Series Diesel engine range options are from 418d offering 150 bhp, the 420d offering 181 bhp, the 430d offering 254 bhp,and last but certainly not least the 435d offering 308 bhp  

The BMW 4 Series Petrol engine range options are 420i offering 181 bhp, the 428i offering 241 bhp and the 435i offering 301 bhp and a very impressive 0-60 of just 5.3 seconds. All the range are Euro 6 compliant too