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  • The British F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone

    The British F1 at Silverstone is this weekend July 16th 2017

    We really hope the parties involved, the BRDA and The Liberty Media Corporation resolve there disputes and negotiate a deal to retain Silverstone as the

    home of the British Grand Prix .

    To most race fans this is a day in the calendar they dont want to lose. The history and heritage of the day with some fantastic memories from Nigel Mansell

    and the great Ayrton Senna through to Graham Hill andhis son Damian will be treasured for years by many.

    Today though it is a massive money churning machine and a millionaires playground.

    Silverstone F1

    The newest winner of last weeks F1 Race pictured above in his Mercedes Team AMG is Valteri Bottas whose team mate is Lewis Hamilton. Lewis is reletively local

    to us as he originates from Stevenage where he lived with his family. Our claim to fame is selling his father a Ford Transit Tipper for one ohis businesses.

    Between his flat-out on-track jousts with Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Räikkönen, Bottas prefers to turn his back on the trappings of fame,

    the invitations to yacht parties in his second home of Monaco and the ultra-cool society scene that is heartily embraced by his Mercedes-AMG team-mate Hamilton. 

    Instead, F1’s newest race winner prefers to head to a lake house near his family home in Nastola in southern Finland, where he relaxes and gathers his thoughts

    in preparation for the next mind-bending psychological maelstrom of a grand prix weekend.

    For race fans its good to see new up and coming young drivers challenging to be on the winners podium, it makes for exciting racing.

    Valteri and Lewis have a very neutral yet professional working relationship which is a breath of fresh air and bodes well for the Mercedes team.

    So lets hope the sun shines on Silverstone this weekend and we have another classic race remembered for all the right reasons