Local Club Sponsorship

Hitchin Town Football Club

As we start the 30th year of trading in the town of Hitchin, I think its fair to say we understand what it means to be part of a community. Life is certainly not just about taking without giving. We have identified Hitchin Town as one of the most established well run clubs in Hertfordshire so we value our association with them. The staff mostly volunteers work tirelessly carrying out all the work required to make the club what it is. There enthusiasm is infectious and you always come having had a great experience. The manager performs above and beyond considering his budget. However Mark Burke really understands the club as he played for Hitchin for many years before taking the hot seat.

This year Hitchin Town FC had an amazing FA Cup run before loosing to Solihull Moors. For all you football fans, you will remember Tim Flowers the ex Blackburn and England goal keeper who is now manager for Solihull. Not only did this make the town of Hitchin buzz for several months with the feel good factor and the magic of the FA Cup, it also generated much needed funds for the club. Anyone who has visited Top Field, the home of Hitchin Town will know what I mean. The stadium and club house need lots of money spending on them. Hopefully this is where most of the revenue generated will be spent. Knowing the clubs custodians as we do, I am sure it will.

The club then relies on local business owners to sponsor the club to raise the much needed funds to cover the day to day running expenditure. That is where Master Cars and a host of other local businesses help out with sponsorship packages for Hitchin Town Football Club. Its not massive amounts but when you have a lot of contributions, they soon turn into sizable amounts which really do help the club move forward.

So if you are a football fan and like to see the game played in the right way ? you wont go far wrong spending an afternoon or evening at Top Field. If you are also a local business owner in or around Hitchin and want to help a good club grow, get in contact with Hitchin and help make the difference

Match ball sponsors

One of our sponsorship packages is being the "Match Ball Sponsors" which anyone can do. If you feel you would also like to do this just contact Hitchin FC direct.


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