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What Is a Sports car ?

The evolution of the Sports Car through the ages has been quite controversial and certainly open to debate. In general terms the definition of a Sports Car is a two-seater car designed to offer spirited performance with nimble handling. As you can imagine we all have a different view of what this could be.

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The power to weight ratio as "petrol heads" recognise is paramount to a good Sports Car. This is then set up through suspension and steering to be precise at speed. Another rule of thumb for sports car purist"s is the car to be a mid-engine powered car with rear wheel drive.

The term "Sports Car" was first used in the Times newspaper in London way back in 1919, and Sports Cars became popular through the 1920"S.Traditionally open top "roadster" or as we know them "convertible" cars were deemed sports cars, however during the 1930"s the "Coupe" began to receive recognition to the Sports car brand.

We all have our favourite and in England for many years and still current today as a favourite is the MG-range of cars. Then the invasion of European cars arrived. The Porsche 911, Ferrari F40, Audi RS and Quattro, Mercedes AMG and Bmw M-Sport to name a few. Even today the Bmw i8 Hybrid is recognised as a Sports Coupe.

The Porsche 911 is one of the few remaining cars to carry the Mid-engine rear wheel drive ethos. It now comes in a host of model designates and far too many to list. We have experience of the Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS which is a four wheel drive mid-engine sports roadster and can only speak very highly of this car. Plant your foot on the accelerator and the intelligent four wheel drive from Porsche lets you enjoy every bit of the of the 430 bhp in a controlled and sophisticated manner. The gearbox type has also progressed to the dual clutch PDK version which really lets you enjoy the car to its full potential.

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